Flawless Skin for the Summer

Summer is here at last and what a perfect day we had to start off the season. During the summer months we all want to show some skin. Use the following tips for face, hand feet and body and be bare as you dare for the season.

Face Forward
If you have oily skin, your skin will have the tendency to become oilier during the summer months.

  • Use a mild exfoliant daily or weekly. Choose one with rounded grains so as not to scratch the skin causing microscopic laceration which can result in little hyper pigmentation marks.
  • Get a deep pore cleansing facial from your aesthetician to remove dead surface cell build up which will leave the skin looking healthy and glowing.
  • If you have blemishes your aesthetician may suggest a series of mild acid peels after your deep pore cleansing facial to give you that flawless complexion. If your skin has white heads, black heads and pimples your aesthetician will recommend a course of treatment custom designed for your particular skin problem.
  • Microdermabrasion is an excellent and fast way of removing layers and layers of dead skin from the face in a single treatment. This leaves your skin soft and glowing. However, if you have black skin ensure you have a consultation prior to this treatment. Not all microdermabrasion machines are suitable to use on black skin. At Jean Pierre Spa we currently use the Demasweep system which is gentle but very effective for deep removal of dead skin from the face, leaving the skin silky soft and smooth
  • If you are using a de-pigmentation cream for skin discoloration you should use a sun protection in order to get your desired results. You can also look for a de-pigmentation cream that contains a sun block. Look for creams with glycolic acid, kojic acid, bilberry extracts etc. which are natural depigmentation agents The FDA is clamping down on the use of hydroquinone as a bleaching agent as it has some side effects if used in higher dosage other than the 2% recommended. Remember that black skin contains more melanin than you will ever find in a jar but living in cold climates predisposes your skin to sunburn if care is not taken to protect it.
  • If you have acne you should avoid using too drying a product. These drying products that promise to eradicate or cure your acne can render your skin very dry. The drying out of the skin can perpetuates excessive oil production resulting in further breakouts.

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Flawless Hair Free Face and Body
We all want to show some skin during the summer. Pretty sandals, sleeveless dresses, plunging neck lines and high cut bikinis all require unwanted hairs to be removed from the body. There are numerous methods of hair removal from shaving, to threading, to waxing, to plucking, to depilatories to laser. Shaving, waxing, plucking, threading and depilatories are all temporary forms of hair removal and can cause irritation and razor bumps. These methods are most commonly used because they are quick, easy and less costly. Laser is the best choice whether it is a small or large area particularly if you are prone to ingrown hairs and razor bumps. In the long run laser is less costly. However, because of the sensitivity of black skin laser services are not widely available. Laser treatments are done in series of treatments with amazing results. Be warned some laser systems such as IPL systems are not recommended to be use for hair removal on black skin. It is important for you to first get a consultation and be sure the system being used is right for black skin and that the technician understands and has the experience working on black skin. Before and after pictures are important and so is word of mouth recommendation. However this is the best form of hair removal for those who have black skin and unwanted facial or body hair and razor bumps.

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During the winter months the skin of the body can become very dehydrated caused from the layering of clothes that prevents circulating air to the body. Although body scrubs and dry brushing are excellent methods of removing dead cells from the body it is difficult to reach the areas desperately in need of exfoliating. Body exfoliation is great for removing dead cell build up. It is also a great way to increase blood flow and oxygenate skin cells. The best body exfoliation is done by a professional or your partner. There are different types of body exfoliating treatments and different types of exfoliant used in these treatments. To keep skin hydrated use a light body oil after your shower, on slightly damp skin and finish off with a body moisturizer.

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Happy Feet
After squeezing our feet in all types of boots and shoes this winter it’s time to give your feet a summer tune up. If you do not have pedicures on a regular basis your feet will be screaming for a little pampering. Since they transport us everywhere we go they are well deserving of a bit of pampering.
Pretty sandals deserved to be graced by pretty feet. Before rushing out to purchase that pretty sandal, book your self a pedicure with your nail technician. Pedicures are a great treat but be aware that it is very easy to contract fungal infections and other foot disorders during a pedicure service. Look for a spa or salon with good hygiene practice when choosing an establishment rather than the price.

Not every spa or salon can remove corns or calluses from the feet as some schools no longer teach technicians this procedure. If you have corns or calluses you may need to pay a visit to your Podiatrist or Chiropodist to have your corns and calluses removed before you book a pedicure.

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