Welcome to Jean Pierre Aesthetics & Spa Inc.

Jean Pierre has dedicated her professional life to the pursuit of excellence in health and well being. She accomplishes this through her specialized skin care products and spa services called the Obsidian Skin Care System.




Jean is a consummate professional. She provided me with excellent care during my facials. Part of my reason for going to Jean Pierre’s was to deal with work-related stress. She met this need optimally. Jean provided a caring, relaxing environment. Jean gave me sound advice grounded in her knowledge of the melanin of people of African descent. The Obsidian products that she created and recommended are specific to skin type and need. I have used the facial creams and other skin products to my benefit. I also gifted Obsidian products to my relations who appreciated the introduction to Jean and Obsidian products. Thank you Jean for your continued service to both men and women of all skin types.

Angela King

Jean Pierre is a knowledgeable, highly qualified nurse and aesthetician. She recognizes skin types and is able to diagnose and treat (take care of) my skin wonderfully. Her understanding of black skin ensures that time spent with her leaves my skin exactly how I want it to be. Thanks for providing a beautiful spa experience in a calm, peaceful environment. Hope to see you soon.

Marguerite Alfred

Jean’s care and products have been a game changer for my skin. I came to her with cystic acne, and now, with dietary changes, great products and a better skin routine, my skin is clean and clear. Her cleansers are better than anything I’ve ever tried. She treats me with care and respect, and that alone is priceless.

Akilah Dressekie

I had already spent hundreds of dollars trying to repair my face using products that just weren’t for me before I found Jean Pierre Aesthetics in 2007. My skin was filled with scars from acne and ingrown hairs. I was suffering emotionally from my physical appearance.

At our first meeting, Jean was empathetic, and encouraging. She assured me that if I followed the laser treatment plan and used the products as instructed, I would see results. I remember leaving that first meeting feeling a bit more optimistic about the possibility that I might be able to have clear skin again.

Jean was right! Within a year, I saw a complete difference in my face, and my confidence had improved tremendously. To this day, I still follow the skincare routine, and as a result of this habit, I developed, with Jean’s assistance, my skin remains healthy and radiant. Thank you, Jean, for being amazing at what you do!

Amanda Redhead

In the past, I had done Laser Hair Removal under my chin and found it very effective. I was very satisfied after some treatments. Recently, I had Blue Light Therapy and was amazed by the treatment (warning!!! You will fall asleep during the procedure because it’s very relaxing). My facial therapy was perfect. I went home with a glowing face and couldn’t help noticing people admiring my face. I felt proud.

At present, I am using OBSIDIAN High Potency Ageless Serum and loving it. I see a magnificent cool smooth complexion. For all the ladies, young adults, middle-aged, and mature women, if you want a smooth, cool, wrinkles-free face and neck, check out Jean Pierre Aesthetics & Spa Inc. You will not regret it, I promise you because I am living proof.

Claudette Farquharson

My 13-year-old daughter was suffering from very bad eczema on her arms. She had lots of scarring and dry patches of skin. She was very self-conscious of this and would always wear a sweater or oversized t-shirt to cover up her arms. I took her to various dermatologists and nothing they recommended worked.

I brought her to Ms. Jean in July 2023 hoping she could help her. I am very happy and grateful to say that the treatments and products that Ms. Jean recommended worked for my daughter!!!! Her arms are clear and she has been wearing lots of tank tops! Thank you so much Ms.Jean for your expertise in black skin and how to treat our skin issues and your professional service. We are forever grateful to you for helping us!!!

Karissa Wilkinson

I have been a client of Jean-Pierre Spa for many years. The acne on my face had worsened using a famous acne product, almost looking like I had burn scars on my face. Needless to say, it was a painful experience. Jean was able to restore my skin and I feel comfortable forgoing makeup, which used to mask the scarring. The Obsidian line is part of my regular routine, and I always make sure to have a healthy supply of products! Thank you, Jean- I hope you never retire looool! 🙂

Andrea B

As a pre-teen, I clearly remember the shadow on my upper lip and chin. Wishing it was only visible up close only to have a young friend offer to shave it for me at his barbershop. I immediately went to Tip Wax Toe and had them wax it. It got to the point where I was either waxing or threading weekly.

Being a dark-skinned woman, I was nervous about trying laser. Thankfully, a close friend with a similar complexion had laser hair removal done by Jean. Once she showed me her results, I booked my first appointment. Jean doesn’t ask you to sign a waiver, you know. That says a lot right there. Jean and only Jean has removed the hair using a laser from my upper and lower lips, chin, underarm and bikini line. Now if I could show you the bikini line. Wow! If you are thinking about laser hair removal, I suggest you take action before the gray hairs start coming.

Teresa Reid

My experience at Jean Pierre’s organization has been wonderful. Her care, attention to detail, and commitment to ensuring a top-notch client experience significantly contribute to client satisfaction. Well done Jean!

Carol Comissiong

I have been a client of Jean Pierre for over 25 years, and I can attest not only to her professionalism when giving treatments but also to her knowledge about skincare, particularly for women of colour. Her products have helped to make my skin supple and look good.

Sandra Whiting

I decided to pursue laser surgery so that I would always be bikini-ready. Aside from being somewhat afraid due to unreliable information I’d heard over the years, it was a very tedious and frustrating process trying to find a qualified individual, Repeatedly I was told that the equipment used did not complement my skin type and success could not be guaranteed. I am an African American female. I knew of Jean Pierre but had lost contact, but through a series of divine interventions, we reconnected.

My experience with Jean has been positive on every level. Jean took the time and with patience expertly answered all my issues and concerns. She helped me get over my fears and quite frankly my ignorance.

The procedure was relatively pain-free and was 100% successful. If I were to compare it to getting a wax treatment, the experience would be less invasive and less painful. In a few months, I was free of any bikini hair!

I often said that next to purchasing my home this by far was the best investment I ever made in myself. Like a mortgage, it amortizes over time and when one considers the fact that there’s little need for long-term maintenance the cost is minimal. I’m forever grateful to Jean for her amazing service and for helping me achieve my goal of being bikini-ready at all times!

Dionne S. Witter

I have been using Obsidian products for over ten years and the results have always been good.

I recommend Obsidian skincare to everyone for smooth and healthy skin.

Audrey S

Jean is a Canadian beauty icon! I always feel so safe with her. She has taught me so much about my skin and how to care for it. Her Obsidian skincare line is amazing. I wish I could keep her all to myself, but I refer my friends and family because I realize everyone needs this experience.

Sher Morris

I have been Jean’s client for well over 3 decades. Believe me when I say (in the words of Tina Turner) Jean is SIMPLY THE BEST! She possesses an unparalleled knowledge of caring for and maintaining melanin-ated skin and Jean’s Obsidian products are affordable and SIMPLY THE BEST!

Lorraine Scott

Jean Pierre Aesthetics has been in my life for over 40 years, not only because Jean Pierre is one of my dearest friends, but because her Obsidian products are the best products I’ve used over the years.

Jean uses her knowledge and skills to provide the best beauty care for all her clients. She’s also a great teacher – she lets you know exactly which products are best for you and why and by the way, her facials are to die for! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾❤️

Maxinr Bailey

I have been a customer/patient (smile) of Jean for many years and I keep coming back for more. Not only is she knowledgeable and skillful at what she does, but her clinic is always immaculately manicured, enhanced by inspiring and relaxing music to compliment her empathetic and caring demeanor. I have recommended friends and acquaintances to her unreservedly over the years. Keep up the great work Jean Pierre, and thank you for caring for my/our skin all these years.

Errol Johnson

I have been using Obsidian Skincare for over 10 years now, and needless to say, I love it. And being a senior now, it suits me 100 percent.

Olive Wollaston

The wide selection of various facial therapies that are offered by Jean is one-of-a-kind. She uses high-quality ingredients in her spa facials and your skin always feels super-clean after one of her facials. She really takes her time to provide tailored facials that are unique to each patient’s skin type and particular skin concerns and issues. I really appreciate that she offers affordable spa facials and products that do not sacrifice on quality ingredients.

I highly recommend any of her facial cleansers; but, I especially, like her “Clear Complexion Cleanser”. This cleanser is one of my key essentials and it is one that I cannot do without it. I find other cleansers can be very harsh and drying for my sensitive, oily skin and this is by far the best one that I have found that is super-moisturizing without leaving your natural skin feeling stripped of moisture or excessively oily.

I even discovered recently her Body Lotion and I love its consistency, especially, if you are looking for a nice, light-weight Body Lotion in the summer months, that, leaves your skin feeling moisturized without a lot of heavy residue or oiliness (this is especially beneficial if you have oily skin, that, is also sensitive and is prone to breakouts).

I also would highly recommend her “Collagen” cream, since, I found this “Collagen” cream to be really effective if you are looking for a nice facial cream that offers a nice balance of moisture protection during the dry, winter months and your skin in the winter is prone to patches of dry, scaly skin that can be extremely itchy and prone to discolouration. A little bit of this “Collagen” cream goes a long way. It is a little bit pricier, but, it is well worth the price, since, it is super-moisturizing without feeling heavy or greasy and a little bit goes a long way to calming a dry, itchy skin.

Krissy K

As a long-time client of Jean Pierre Aesthetics and Spa, I have been able to share her Obsidian line of face products with my young adult children. The quality of her skincare line is exceptional and has continued to be of the highest quality. Recently my son enjoyed one of Jean’s facials at the spa. I make sure to gift myself a spa facial treatment whenever possible. I’m a fan for life.

Joanne Reece

I first met Jean Pierre 35 years ago when a few weeks prior to the birth of my first child, I decided to treat myself to a spa experience. I booked the appointment when I realized it was a Black-owned spa. In 35 years, I have never been disappointed. Like me, many of her clients are long-standing, and that speaks to our satisfaction with her work.

Jean is a knowledgeable and highly skilled professional. She continues to update her knowledge about issues related to health and Black skin care and therefore she’s always at the cutting edge of optimal skin care practices, therapies and product development. I have always appreciated her honesty, never promising anything that she cannot deliver just to sell a service.

Recommendations and services are always individualized. Jean cares, and while service is always very professional, it’s also delivered in a very caring manner. My late mother, after experiencing Jean’s facial and massage services would never allow anyone else to “touch her face” as she would put it. She always felt well cared for. Having this experience at the spa was not unique to her. Anyone I have referred has had a positive experience. Her wealth of experience and knowledge about Black skin care is also appreciated by my daughter who is now one of her clients.

I would highly recommend Jean’s services based on her expertise, professionalism, commitment to Black skin care, integrity, and caring manner. I have also been very happy with the Obsidian skin care products I have used, in terms of quality, price, and results.

Pauline Wisdom-Gilliam

I love the personal and attentive attitude that Jean gives, even though I have not been to the shop for a while. I use how I feel at the spa to judge and gauge what to expect from other establishments.

Jean Pierre and Spa will always be close to me based on my experience. There is no one like you, Jean.

Pauline Reynolds

Hello, I started going to Jean, I believe, in the summer of 2023. At the time, I was dealing with chin hairs, which I could not get rid of. I heard about Jean from my friend and decided to try laser hair removal.

Today, I can admit that it worked wonders for my skin. I have told some of my other friends about this treatment and would hope they would give her a call and book an appointment. I also spoke about the various products which she offers, and for the dark skin most of us live in – these products work wonders.

I am so happy to have met Jean and am still currently using her products and occasionally the hair removal process.

Jennifer Christophe

Love, love, love the products! My skin is very sensitive and easily breaks out. I used to use acne creams but found they were too abrasive and my skin looked uneven, etc.

However, since I’ve been going to Jean and using her products consistently, my skin has calmed and looks radiant. I definitely recommend her products and services.

Latoya Graham

I am so proud to know Ms. Jean Pierre. I believe we are blessed to have access to someone of such high esteem. I have known Ms. Pierre since the late seventies, when she established her skin care clinic in Toronto.

Her knowledge in the skin care industry, at every level, is immeasurable. Her client-care knowledge was built on a bedrock of medical training she acquired in the United Kingdom as a qualified nurse. As she grew her business, her client base remained loyal because of who she is, above and beyond her skill set; humble and kind. She is a pioneer of iconic status who has consistently demonstrated exceptional professionalism and has always delivered the best care by offering leading-edge practices and procedures.

For many years I have been the beneficiary of the same high level of skin care offered to her friends and numerous celebrity clientele. She has guided me through periods of skin adversity and was successful after employing many of her wonderful signature products. I am eternally grateful for Jean’s contribution to my well-being. She’s taught me so many lessons by example; perseverance in the face of adversity; and living purposefully, are only a few.

I always enjoy my visits to the spa and will continue to share the wonderful experiences.

Thank you Jean

Continued success

Glen Marquez

Dear Jean,

I have been your client for approximately 20 years. My first experience was a consultation about facial hair removal and I was very impressed with your professional advice. You took the time to explain the process as well as the expected outcome, and I was happy with the end result.

I continued over the year with my facial treatments. My face continues to glow, and the compliments I receive makes me proud and happy. Thank you! I continue to use your Obsidian product line which works very well with my skin type, and I am benefitting from a youthful look that requires me having to show ID when requesting for a senior’s discount. Lol.

I have enjoyed the summer barbecues, gift bags, and presentations, as well as sharing my experience with others.

Thank you Jean for providing excellent skin care services to our community.


Vandella McKenzie