About Us

Jean Pierre has dedicated her professional life to the pursuit of excellence in health and well being. She accomplishes this through her specialized skin care products and spa services. She is the president and creator of the Obsidian Skin Care System and founder of the popular Jean Pierre Aesthetics & Spa Inc.

A community leader and inspirational entrepreneur, Jean Pierre, has been cited for numerous awards including the African Canadian Achievement Award for Business, The Toronto Sun’s Woman on the Move Award, The Harry Jerome Award for Excellence in Business and the African Chamber of Commerce Award. She is a popular energetic, international speaker on topics such as skin care, business counselling, and entrepreneurship and is active on youth advisory boards.

Jean Pierre has appeared on City TV, CFTO, CBC, WTN, CHCH, CTV & Life Network. She has also appeared on TV stations in Jamaica and Trinidad. Jean Pierre has been featured in such publications has the Toronto Star, Pride News Magazine, WOMAN, The Toronto Sun, IBM Insight Magazine, Essence, Skin Inc., Share, The North York Chamber Review, The Toronto Business Times and other West Indian Publications.

Jean has been a special guest on radio stations in Trinidad, Jamaica and Canada. Jean Pierre sits on the Advisory Board at Sheridan College for Aesthetics Training. She has written articles on skin care for numerous magazines. Jean Pierre is listed in the Who’s is Who in Black Canada.

Jean Pierre is also a registered nurse and midwife with over 30 years of service in her aesthetics profession. Her foray into skin care was in direct response to her own personal need. After she left Jamaica to study nursing in England, she started to experience skin problems. This problem only worsened after immigrating to Canada. Feeling rather self-conscious as a health-care professional, she spent thousands of dollars visiting different cosmetic counters, without success. She focused her frustration and began researching to find her own solution. Using her medical training she started at the medical library. It was not long before she realized that there was a distinct difference between how White and Black skin were being treated. Many products formulated for Black skin were harsh and drying which worsened her skin condition. She realized that she was not alone in her dilemma.

Her search for a solution led her back to her Jamaican roots. While growing up she had been exposed to people using indigenous bushes and herbs to treat a host of health problems. She felt strongly that nature was to be the basis of the cure and she was right. Finally she found relief. People began noticing the results and soon she was spending more and more time sharing her products and her findings.

She soon realized that many people did not instinctively know how to take care of their own skin. Many were lead to believe that black skin was tough and needed abrasive treatment. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Black skin is very sensitive and harsh treatments only exacerbate skin eruptions and hyper-pigmentation. As a health care practitioner she wanted to help others and educate her community that clear skin did not need a bag full of make-up or expensive cosmetic products to look good. The notion of merely using light powder, mascara and lipstick was a new concept as many relied on heavy make-up to cover skin conditions.

She visited France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain primarily to explore product formulation and to learn about more innovative treatment methods. Beginning a new career was not her intention, but she felt compelled to provide a service and to formulate a skin care line that would finally address the sensitive needs and to embrace the beauty of the Black skin. Obsidian, her product name refers to black volcanic glass which reflects a kaleidoscope of colours – a true reflection of her African heritage.

Her hard work and strong work ethics is paying off. She has had people from diverse communities, celebrities and professional athletes e.g. The Argonauts, Blue Jays and The Raptors use her products and services. Many of the men came to treat such skin care issues such as acne, hyper-pigmentation and pseudo folliculitis barbi or razor bumps and the keloids that sometime result.

Jean Pierre’s spa specializes in medical aesthetics. for example, laser treatment, a popular method of permanent hair removal for unwanted body and facial hair. Other spa treatments offered are therapeutic facials, blue light therapy for acne, infra-red for anti-aging and hydrating, and softening and soothing body therapies. She has received many written testimonials and photos from men, women and youth who have benefited from her services and products. Many of her clients include teens whose grades have improved as their skin problems and self-esteem improved; as well as women who are no longer forced to contend with unwanted body and facial hair.

Jean Pierre believes in giving back to her community. Currently she sits on several advisory boards. She is also involved in supporting profit and non-profit community groups, too many to mention.

Jean Pierre lives her own personal motto: preparation is key in meeting and seizing opportunities. There is no shame in failing, only in not trying.