Well, all good things must come to an end, and in my case, at this time of my life, I would say to a temporary end because I plan on doing it again soon.

My frequent trips to Aruba are now more home away from home than a vacation. You may all be aware that I am way past retirement, but I feel healthy and vibrant and want to continue for a few more years. Loving what I do so much and the clients I have the pleasure to serve, I feel, is a part of the secret.

I have overcome a lot of illnesses and take nothing for granted. I plan on enjoying every day that the good Lord has given me. He promises ten scores and ten, and now me on brawta.

It is time to prepare your skin for the upcoming winter, mainly if you did not get the chance to have a facial in September or use Obsidian skin care products, the best anti-aging formula on the market.

My chemist refers to Obsidian as Genie in a jar.

*Did you know?… Blue light therapy erases Acne 10 times faster than any other acne treatment.

I will be available for appointments starting Wednesday, November 30th.

Get ready for the holiday season and the New Year!