Summer is a great time of year; however, it can be a mixed blessing for those with oily skin. Oily skin tends to get even oiler in the summer, making it challenging to wear foundation and makeup and look cool simultaneously. Therefore, we should take great care in maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance by using the right skincare products for your skin type daily.


Although wearing masks are no longer required everywhere, many of us continue to do so to protect ourselves and others.

However, wearing a mask consistently can do a number on our skin.

The wearing of a mask can cause a variety of skincare issues, the fact a mask creates a warm, moist environment that traps breath, sweat, moisture, and oil.

One can see that although wearing a mask reduces the spread of COVID 19, it can negatively affect the wearer’s skin. The wearing of masks can aggravate a preexisting condition. Coupled with increased stress, hormone fluctuations, and medication, one can have a significant problem. Men and women with flawless skin and skin with a preexisting condition may start to see changes in their skin.

The fit of the mask can also be a significant problem, for example, where and how it rests on one face.


CLEANSE: When cleansing the skin, try using a pH-correct cleansing bar or a gel-based cleanser. A good cleanser will help to combat the excessive oiliness of the skin. You will need to cleanse twice daily and splash your face with tepid water after a workout session to remove salty sweat from your face. Cleansing can stimulate oil production, making it oily, leading to breakouts, so don’t be overzealous. Oily skin is prone to breakouts. Everyone, male and female, should care for their skin during the summer months.

TONE: Follow your cleansing with the use of an astringent. Your astringent should not contain too much alcohol in its formulation. Too much alcohol can burn and discolor sensitive black skin, particularly in summer.
Your astringent will do the following:
Remove any trace of cleanser left on the skin after cleansing.
Help minimize oil secretion.
Return skin to its natural pH balance (the skin’s natural protection from bacteria.
Clear Complexion Astringent or Lime Blossom Astringent is excellent for the summer.

SCRUB: A regular facial scrub will unclog pores, remove dirt and grime from the skin, and prevent the formation of white and blackheads and breakouts. Grains in the scrub should be rounded so as not to scratch the skin. Harsh scrubs used on black skin can cause microscopic lacerations, which present as minute areas of hyper-pigmentation weeks or months after use. Obsidian Deep Facial Scrub grains are rounded and will not scratch sensitive black skin.

MASK: A cleansing and balancing mask used at least once weekly will maintain skin in optimum condition to keep complexion clear and facial muscles toned. A clay mask is excellent for use at this time of the year as it helps to absorb excess oil secretion

MOISTURIZE: It’s a myth that you should not use a moisturizer if you have oily skin. A moisturizer for oily skin should be water-based, add moisture, and keep skin nourished, hydrated, and balanced. Oil-based moisturizer should only be used on older skin, requiring an emollient to help maintain its moisture balance.

Enjoy your summer with clean, fresh skin!

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