It is incredible to get to the golden years; you find nothing golden about them. Instead, they come with aches and pain you have never experienced before and a lot of new but not very welcoming experiences. Time seems to fly instead of standing still.

For example, I was away for seven weeks which in my younger years looked like seven months but now feels like seven days, but it is seven weeks—seven weeks added to my age. Sadly, if we are not taking good care of our minds and bodies, we could be robbed of seven months rather than seven weeks.

As children, we all wish to get older to do things we want to do without being under our parents’ control; We love Christmas, but it never seems to come. So now our Christmases roll around so quickly it seems to arrive two to three times per year.

It’s never too late for a shower of rain, so we should do everything to keep our minds clear and bodies strong, healthy, and limber.

If you do not have a gym membership, start a daily exercise course at home, even ten minutes per day. Purchase a yoga mat and do some daily stretching. It’s amazing what this will do for you.

Ride a stationary bike or go for a walk daily to keep your legs strong. Purchase a set of weights to do some weight-bearing exercises.

Weight-bearing exercises will not only make your bones stronger and denser, but the muscles you develop will aid in supporting your joints and help with balance, coordination, and flexibility. You will not need to change out your toilet seat too early or need help getting up from a low chair. Add a scoop of protein powder and some collagen to your smoothie.

With the addition of OBSIDIAN skincare products, you can keep everyone guessing. You may not always feel as good as you look, but who cares. Looking good is feeling good.

Since COVID 19, I applied a facial mask twice weekly instead of once to keep skin congestion and breakouts at bay. In addition, a series of infrared light therapy keep away the dreaded facial lines. For how long, my guess is good as yours, but I am good and will continue with monthly maintenance for now.

If you are not currently taking good care of your skin, it is never too late to start. If you cannot visit the spa, then take the spa home with you.

OBSIDIAN skincare is organic and natural, packed with age-defying ingredients that will keep your skin toned and firm. However, due to the loss of subcutaneous fat and muscle as we age, we will experience at some point in our eighties or nineties thinning and sagging of the skin.

Please remember to get a copy of my autobiography UPHILL CLIMB in support of yours truly. It makes a tremendous Christmas gift and one that lasts and lasts for generations to come.

UPHILL CLIMB is a page-turner. It is inspiring, motivational, and uplifting.

As your aesthetician, most of you are not aware that I am a two-time cancer survivor—thyroid cancer and the dreaded lung cancer and never smoke a day in my life. Numerous surgeries brought me to death’s door, but none of these tragedies got into the way of what I wanted to achieve. However, the mind is a powerful instrument if used well.

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