Before understanding my skin, I had frequent breakouts and was a picker. So I searched for pimples I could pick at on my skin and got a lot of satisfaction. But, unfortunately, the bad habit of picking my skin left me with hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone.

Now knowing how to care for my skin, I do the following every day without fail. Firstly I no longer sleep with any foundation on my face even when I am exhausted.

Cleansers are an essential item in your daily cleansing regimen. However, if your cleanser does not do what it says it will do, other treatment products applied after cleansing will not always do what it promises. Therefore, it is best always to use two different cleansers, so your skin never knows what it is getting and becomes too complacent.

I treat my cleanser the way I treat my diet. I love chicken but do not want to have it cooked the same way every day. Sometimes grilled, fried, baked, curried, or maybe in a pie. My skin reacts better when it does not know what it is getting from day-to-day. I use a foam cleanser when I wear heavy makeup. When I cleanse in the evening, I use a cream cleanser and a gel cleanser morning to get that soap and water feel to my skin and a wake-up boost. I sometimes use a cream cleanser in the winter months; a cream cleanser leaves a light film of moisture on my face. In the summer, I use a gel cleanser that gives me that refreshing squeaky clean feel I love, still alternating my cleansing routine.

For my morning routine, after cleansing my skin, I immediately apply a toner. Cleaning my skin disturbs the acid mantle, and by using a toner or astringent, I replace the acid mantle before applying my moisturizer. Therefore, your skin’s ph must be in the correct range before applying a treatment cream. When one skin is pH correct, optimum results from all treatment products used after cleansing will work as intended.

I use an astringent in the summer to combat my oily T zone and toner in winter, where the air is drier.

After my astringent or toner, I applied a serum for intense hydration and delayed the aging process. No problem getting older; we need to look and feel better. There is nothing better to boost your confidence than a compliment from a friend, a loved one, or a stranger for the way we look.

It can make a daunting day become a highly positive and productive day.

After my serum is absorbed, I immediately apply my day cream in the morning or my night cream in the evening.

The above concludes my daily routine. However, I use an exfoliator two to three times per week and a treatment mask once per week.

After cleansing, I apply my exfoliator and massage gently on the skin in a circular motion for a few minutes, then wash off. The exfoliator removes dead surface cells from my skin in a uniform manner. I follow with the appropriate toner or astringent. If I am applying a mask, it is at this juncture that I apply the mask to my skin. After applying the mask, I sit, relax, read or listen to music, and after 15 to 30 minutes, I remove the mask using a clean towel soak in warm water, adding a few drops of one of my favorite essential oils.

I have several masks and use each one based on my skin needs, a cream mask if my skin is dehydrated, a clay mask for firming and toning, a powdered mask which I can custom blend with the addition of essential oils. I always apply a generous amount of my serum after using the mask, followed by a day or night cream.

An under-eye gel is also essential to apply daily, but I do not always apply my eye gel for unknown reasons. Now that I am getting older and the skin under my eye is thinner and droops a little, it gives the appearance of deepening pigmentation, so I must remember to use my eye treatment regularly.

A word of caution is to be proactive with your home care regimen, mainly if you cannot have regular facials at your favorite spa. First, it will keep your skin glowing and look younger longer. Second, it will keep everyone guessing. No one has ever been able to guess how old I am, and it is all down to OBSIDIAN SKINCARE. I exercise regularly, adhere to a healthy diet and take good care of my skin.