I am counting down the days to be back at work. However, I am still enjoying my last days here in England.

While here in London, I took the opportunity to visit Portugal and Paris.

Portugal (left) was my first visit and France (right) my fourth.

In Portugal, I stayed at my first Airbnb. Although I own a villa in Aruba that I rent on Airbnb, I hardly ever stay at a hotel. So instead, I stay at one of my timeshares.

I no longer have my timeshare, so I opt to stay at an Airbnb. The space was elementary but relatively clean and spacious, with a lovely pool. Several times I have been asked if my villa in Aruba comes with a chef, but particularly in Aruba, it would cost a small fortune.

We went to a different restaurant every night and experienced a range of diverse cuisine. Lunch was a hit or miss depending on the day’s activities.

In Paris, we stayed at the Mercure Paris Boulogue, a (4 Star Hotel) although very elegant, the limited space was pretty confining. I am spoiled by all the space I have when I stay at my timeshare or villa.

In the past, when I stayed at a hotel, I would opt for an all-inclusive. However, I no longer desire to eat as much as I used to. The weight is difficult to shift when you are getting older, so for the future, I will only book at a hotel if I am staying one or two nights, but for anything over three nights, I will opt for a Tripadvisor or Airbnb private villa.

My fourth visit to Paris, and the highlight of this visit, was a day at the spa where I had an excellent 90-minute therapeutic massage. The therapist had hands and techniques I would compare to mine. In the last two months, I have visited four massage clinics in Toronto for a Deep tissue therapeutic massage but was extremely disappointed.

My trip to London coincided with the death of the Queen, and as a past resident still holding a British passport, I was happy to be here.

My next spa day was spent at a lovely spa in Kent, where my cousin attended a one-day seminar. However, I was highly dissatisfied. After speaking with spa management, they offered me to return for some services, which I graciously declined. The spa manager told me she was new and thanked me for my feedback, and planned on doing some further training based on what we discussed

I went to BeautX Beauty Talk in Kent for my last holiday massage and was not disappointed. It was an incredible massage. The holiday concluded with a day of Archery practice with my cousin’s friends and a lovely dinner at a country restaurant.

I will be back at the spa from Wednesday, September 28th to Saturday, October 9th. After that, I am leaving for my usual fall vacation on October 10th and returning to work on Wednesday, November 28th.

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