The Obsidian skin care system is uniquely designed for black skin. Black skin contains an abundance of melanin, which naturally protects the skin from damaging ultra-violet rays and slows down the aging process. However, melanin can, in turn, cause a host of unwanted skin care problems.

Contrary to popular belief, black skin is not thick, course or tough; in fact it can be extremely sensitive. Black skin comes in varying shades as well as skin textures. It can fine or medium however, when the skin is abraded or damaged the texture thickens. Abrasive products, which are well tolerated by white skin, can damage or abrade black skin leading to hyper pigmentation, scarring, keloid formation, and uneven skin tone. These conditions are commonly seen in black skin due to the use of harsh products and to improper skin care.

Black skin requires gentle care and the use of products formulated to address it needs and maintain the skin in optimum condition.

Obsidian products are designed by Jean Pierre to meet the special needs of black skin.