This one of a kind cleanser and make-up remover removes all traces of make-up and deeply embedded pollutants while not stripping the natural oils of your skin. It can be used generally all over the face without irritating the eyes. Use this cleanser in the morning or at night to remove make-up.

Using the pump, dispense a generous amount of luxurious foam in the palm of your hands and apply it to the entire face.  The soft, gentle and comforting foam will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed without drying the skin. Rinse off using warm water with a soft cloth or facial sponge. Follow with toner/astringent and treatment cream.

Bio-active deep cleanser and make-up remover deep cleanse the skin without irritating the eyes.  It can be used liberally all over the face and alternate as a cleanser when no make-up is worn.