High Potency Ageless Serum


Around the eye area is the first place to show the visible signs of aging. With this in mind, our chemists have created a special serum that provides an “instant lift” for wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. This highly fortified formula works to provide a visibly improved long term effect. Enriched with special peptides, vitamins and carefully selected botanical extracts, this one-of-a-kind skin beautifier will help make you look younger – immediately, and for many years ahead.



USE: After cleansing and towel drying your skin, apply the appropriate toner or astringent to the skin then apply a few drops of serum around each eye. Spread the silky serum over all areas that have fine lines or wrinkles. Gently massage until the serum disappears into your skin.  Avoid getting serum into the eyes.

Net wt. 30 ml


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