Skin Care

A mistake we all make, at some time or other is to take good problem free skin for granted. Over and over again I have listened to clients telling me how they had beautiful problem free skin in the past. Now they are having problems, to which they can’t find a solution. They purchase products wasting money with no satisfactory result. Clients sometimes refer to their parents and grandparents living in the Caribbean, as having beautiful skin and not having to do anything. My answer, climate, organic foods and less day to day stress. My advice to those who genetically enjoy flawless skin is not to take good skin for granted. Consult with a skin care specialist and have your skin analyzed so you will be able to purchase skin care products with knowledge of your particular skin needs. This save you not only money but time. You don’t always have to go to a spa to have professional treatments done, although a professional facial on a monthly basis is highly recommended. With the proper skin care products for your skin type, and a good home care routine you should be able to keep your skin in good condition.

Keep in mind that most products on the market today are not geared for black skin, which is extremely sensitive and has the tendency to hyper pigment when harsh products are used. Hyper pigmentation occurs when excess melanin is produced in an area of the skin that the damage occurs. Melanin is derived from the Greek word “melas” meaning black which gives black skin its rich colour and in the presence of ultra violet rays gives white skin a tan. In blacks melanin protects the skin from damaging ultra violet rays lessening the occurrence of skin cancer, but causing hyper-pigmentation on the skin wherever damage occurs.

Remember to take good care of your skin during the winter months; it’s the only one you have got.