I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather. It would appear that we have gone back to some form of new normal, but must remain vigilant with the new wave of COVID, which seems unending.

As a nurse, I think I would not be bothered about wearing a mask, but I am over it. However, sadly, for my protection and the fact I am living with one-third of a lung due to cancer, I owe it to myself to wear one when necessary.

As an Aesthetician & Nurse, I aim and desire to bring the best, safest, and updated Aesthetics technology and treatments to care for and preserve your skin and mine.

A few years ago, I purchased an iClearXL system to treat mild to severe Acne. This equipment also has Photo-rejuvenating and enhanced healing capabilities tested by Board Certified Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Advanced Aesthetics Clinics, and Med-Spas.

The iClearXL has light technology excellent in the use of not only acne treatment but also antiaging treatments;

At the time of purchase, the iClearXL was solely for the use of Ance treatments as a host of my clients were suffering from difficult-to-treat acne, so after researching, I invested in the iClearXL.

Then a few clients started to inquire about antiaging facials. So I began to offer photo-rejuvenation treatments. I started on myself, and the results were terrific.

Clients treated for acne had fantastic results. Aging clients who had an entire course of rejuvenating treatment were delighted.



The iClearXL treats acne-prone skin three times faster. In addition, the light emitted by the iClearXL is the most effective light for photodestruction of p. acnes bacteria resulting in treatment three times faster than any other acne treatment.


Current Skin Rejuvenation treatment in some Dermatological clinics and Med-spa uses IPL (intense pulse light). IPL uses high energies to heat collagen and trigger regeneration.

However, these lights’ non-selective skin rejuvenation and antiaging schedules lack the vital circulation enhancer, anti-ischemic, and anti-inflammatory effects achieved by the iClearXL system. The iClearXL increases blood circulation improves tissue oxygenation and promotes the regeneration process.

If you feel like the stress of COVID has taken a toll, it is time for rejuvenating skin treatments. Indeed, the long-term wearing of a mask puts fuel to the fire. An antiaging course of treatment accompanies a series of glycolic peels.


Acne-prone skin and aging skin make many clients’ lives extremely uncomfortable. The safest yet powerful blend of pure blue-violet light and narrow band near infrared therapeutic light emitted by the iClearXL is tailored specifically to treat Acne and visibly enhances the look of deoxygenated aging skin.

The iClearXL deep penetrating light component plays a vital role in the photo regeneration of aging skin. Nitic Oxide is released into vascular muscles, which causes vessels to dilate and enhance blood circulation leading to better cellular oxygenation of the skin.

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