Many individuals view facials as a pastime and a waste of money. These individuals then decide their income could be better used, but as women, facials are essential.

We generally don’t mind racking up the years, but how we look as we continue to do so and will as long as we are alive is undoubtedly critical.

We can achieve great results at home with the right combination of products. Products like the OBSIDIAN Skincare line are formulated to preserve the skin and maintain youthfulness.

I have always taken good care of my skin and when I left my nursing career, I fought to develop a skincare line that would address my skincare needs as nothing I tried, from the most expensive to the cheapest, did anything for me.

Now I am grateful I did and have helped hundreds of individuals gain back their confidence and self-esteem. I practice what I preach and am a true example of OBSIDIAN skincare and its benefits.

Illness can take a toll on our skin even when taking the best care. However, it will not regress rapidly and bounce back faster.

So, although you routinely care for your skin at home, a professional facial makes all the difference. In addition, Obsidian skincare products are not expensive or cheap but give good value.

If you have not had your skin analyzed in a while, try and do so and use a product that works, not just products that smell good and are packaged in fancy boxes and bottles. Products that smell too good are not always the best for our skin as they may contain a lot of non-hypoallergenic raw material in their formulation.

If you are living in Canada and are not currently having facials at least four times per year, spring, summer, fall, and winter, check out a good aesthetician and treat yourself to a facial.


A good facial will achieve the following:
• Deep cleanse the skin
• Treat acne and other skin conditions
• Prevents premature aging
• Slows down skin aging that is evident on the skin
• Induce relaxation
• Decrease stress
A good facial massage activates the sympathetic nervous system, which decreases anxiety and allows for deep relaxation.